About Maha

We’re a locally grown Virginia Beach Kombucha company, creating our dream life doing what we love.


Maha Kombucha, Living an Inspired Life

Maha Kombucha was born out of Nathan Mahadeva’s experience living as a yoga teacher for over three years at an Ashram in California. During that time, he lived and traveled with his teacher practicing yoga as life throughout California, India and Vietnam.

When he came home to Virginia Beach, he wanted to start a business that embraced his ideals of finding peace in daily life, a company where the workers left happier and healthier, while producing a beneficial product that improved the community. 

With a passion for fermentation and love of kombucha, Maha Kombucha was born in February 2018. The company sold its first bottle of kombucha June 30 that year. 


Maha Kombucha

we Brew it for you

Our Customers

At Maha, we care about what we put into our bodies, and our customers can drink our product knowing it’s made with the highest quality organic and vegan ingredients. This results in a delicious, naturally effervescent, low-calorie beverage. We love our customers and wish you peace and happiness. Om Shanti.

Going Zero for

Our Planet

Maha Kombucha began with the concept that making something good didn’t have to be bad. So from our humble beginning  we strived to compost in our backyard and treat everything as a resource; reusing and recycling as much as possible. 

Today, Maha continues this vision at its Virginia Beach production facility, by embracing a zero-waste business model. We work with numerous companies to find homes for our extra resources. There is only one trash can in our entire facility and it hasn’t been filled yet… one year and counting.

We also commit to give 1% back to local non-profits who work tirelessly to improve our precious waterways here in Virginia. 


Meet the Team Behind Maha

Chef Peter Chapman

He has always woven strong ties with his suppliers, those women and men who share his values and help him fulfill his mission as a cook: to glorify the authentic tastes of each product.

Chef Maria Stell

She has opened a string of successful restaurants across the globe, from the UK and France to Singapore and Hong Kong, to the United States.

Chef Mark Williams

He was discovered by French-born Master Chef Roland Henin and was tasked to cook staff meals at The Dunes Club.

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