Cosmic Jubilee – The Yuzu Edition

Celebrate in style with Maha Kombucha...

We are proud to bring you the second edition of Maha Kombucha’s Cosmic Jubilee. This year we wanted to create an experience that was light and bright with a taste to inspire wonder. Meet Yuzu!

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that is grown for its fragrant juice and zest. Its a staple in Japanese cuisine and you may have experienced it as an ingredient in ponzu at the sushi bar. The flavor of yuzu can be described as a blend of lemon, lime and tangerine with subtle floral notes, but to truly understand the awe of yuzu it must be experienced.

To bring you the finest yuzu juice in the world we worked directly with a small farm in Japan on the island of Shikoku. This farm cares for its yuzu orchard with beyond organic techniques, harvests the fruit by hand and uses a traditional wooden press to juice the fruits. This ancient method extracts the juice from the fruit and oils in the skin without removing the bitter constituents found in the pith, creating a truly exquisite juice. Our yuzu juice arrived a few weeks ago, just in time to brew up a special batch of kombucha just for you.

Excited yet? We are!

Experience a truly unique treat this holiday season supporting local and living life lighter with Maha Kombucha. This kombucha comes elegantly packaged in a champagne bottle and has been fully carbonated to toast to the good life all while staying healthy. Happy Holidays!

This year’s Cosmic Jubilee is limited to only 100 bottles and is for sale exclusively on our website. Pre-order today for home delivery or for pickup at Old Beach Farmer’s Market ‘s November dates (November 5th and 21st).

Cheers and Om Shanti,

Nathan and the Maha Crew


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