Feeling Perfectly Peachy

Welcoming adventure, even the small ones


We are proud to feature Peaches from Martin Family Farm on Knotts Island.

I’ve been stuck in a loop for the last few months. Like the majority of us, I am constantly making small circles between my house, work and the grocery store. Back in February though I was planning to jump continents this very part of July (around the 15th ;). A two week long Malaysian fruit farm tour curated with local vegetarian food… it would have been epic, but alas international travel is on hold. Instead I was in VB brewing up kombucha and experiencing the humidity like I was in south east Asia… but accepting the Malaysian durian would be eaten by someone else this year.

Knowing I wasn’t going to travel, July just skipped along so fast that I thought perhaps the peach kombucha wasn’t going to happen this year. It was Friday and I sent a text to Emily at Martin Family Farm asking if I had missed the peaches this year. She called me later that afternoon and assured me that if I came before the following weekend I could get the peaches I needed. “But don’t wait too long”, she said, “the variety we are harvesting now is almost done.”

Tuesday was the day. I got up early, grabbed a coffee in the Vibe and took off south on the hour drive to Knotts Island. About 20 minutes into the drive the new developments of Pungo broke loose to unobstructed green farmland and fields. A few more minutes into the drive and google maps welcomed me to North Carolina just before I saw the sign.



I turned off the Subaru’s A/C and cracked the windows to let nature in. There were no other cars on the road that morning and the low sun striking the fields glinted an emerald green hue. I smiled, witnessing the open land and simultaneously missing the time I had spent farming in California.

A little further along I passed a small field of lotuses blooming off the road. I turned to look and figure out how to bust a U turn, but I was suddenly on a thin road with water on both sides. Large white flowers I didn’t recognize bloomed amidst the marsh grass and and buoys bobbed up and down in the water. I prayed quickly for the crabs while driving over the bridge that brought me down into Knott’s Island.

I parked my car in the back of the Martin Family Farm looking out over the water. Sitting on a picnic table to absorb the silence and the gentle warmth of the morning sun I rejoiced. The field buzzed with thousands of dragon flies. I breathed in deeply enjoying the fresh air. I didn’t really want to move from that spot, but Emily was greeting me and there were peaches that needed picking.

I road with her family on a golf cart into the orchard and we found the rows of ripe peaches. Emily’s Husband Will handed me a peach. This is when they are good he confided, they still feel a bit firm but boy are they sweet. He took a bite of the peach he was still holding and I took a bite of mine. A few moments later that peach was gone and I was picking those peach trees clean.

It only took us about 15 minutes to pick the 75 pounds of peaches I needed and was dropped off back at my car. I reluctantly placed the peaches in my trunk. I wasn’t ready to leave. It was just too quiet and peaceful. I’ll have to come back here for a picnic I told Emily. Anytime she agreed.

On the way home I noticed several different trails and parks. I stopped and enjoyed the biggest lotus outcrop I’ve seen outside of Asia and realized even though I didn’t make it to Malaysia, I had just gone on my own mini fruit tour.

At Maha, we hope you have found a way to make a little adventures meaningful and fun for you this summer. Just get out of the city and take a breath of fresh air. It’s an easy way to Live Life Lighter.

Enjoy sipping on our Perfectly Peachy Booch! We love you, Om Shanti.

Want to visit Martin Family Farm and Winery? It’s just an hour ride south of VB. The farm’s peach season is over, but they have apples coming soon. Check their website and social media for what is available now.

You can get a bottle of our Perfectly Peachy kombucha here on our website and at all the Farmer’s Markets. Enjoy them while supplies last! Visit the Martin Family Farms and Winery website and like their Facebook for their most up to date info.

In 1977, the Martin family moved to Knotts Island from Virginia Beach, Virginia where they had a thriving Strawberry Farm. Upon their arrival they started their farm with Peaches and Scuppernong grapes. Over the past forty years they have increased their crops to include apples, tomatoes, pumpkins and other fresh produce.

The extensive horticulture and viticulture knowledge of the Martin family along with North Carolina’s coast of rich sandy soil overlooking the scenic Knotts Island Bay and a little help from Mother Nature have all played an integral part of the success of the farm.

In early 2017 the farm was acquired by a new family who want to preserve the nature of the farm. Martin Farm and Winery offers a selection of wine, craft beer, light snacks, and fresh produce for a day trip destination and get-away.


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