Pungo Strawberry Kombucha, Featuring Flanagan Farm


We are proud to feature strawberries from Flanagan Family Farm in Pungo. Their Strawberry season is still underway, so please support them and get some fresh Strawberries today.

It has been a while since I got to go on an adventure. So I felt lucky traveling out to Pungo and picking up our strawberries this week. When I got out of the car, the warm spring air carried the scent of strawberries off the fields and helped me shed a bit of tension I didn’t realize I was still holding onto. I took a few deep breathes soaking up the sun and feeling right at home greeted by Roy Flanagan’s gracious smile. His kids brought the freshly picked strawberries off the front porch and helped me load them in the van. 

I told Roy, I’d been afraid we might miss Strawberry season this year due to covid-19, but he assured me the strawberries were still going strong. We will even get a few extra weeks added to the season because of the weather he confided. His u-pick fields and farm stand are open and ready for you! 

It was hard to stop eating the strawberries. You just cant describe the delightful flavor you get with field ripened fruit. The Maha crew may have eaten just about as many strawberries as we used in the kombucha 😉 




You can get a bottle of our Pungo Strawberry kombucha here on our website, Saturdays @ Old Beach Farmer’s Market, and every other Thursday @ Kingsgrant Farmer’s Market. Enjoy them while supplies last! Visit the Flanagan Farm website and like their Facebook for their most up to date info.

A little bit about the home of these delicious strawberries… Flanagan Farm is the home of Roy and Jeannie Flanagan and our 5 children. Colby, Bailey, Fletcher, Avonlea, and Lucas. Flanagan Farm is located ½ mile south of the Pungo stoplight in southern Virginia Beach, on what is commonly called Pungo Ridge. Pungo Ridge is home to some of the most prime soils for vegetable farming in Virginia Beach. The farm where Flanagan Farm is located is currently farmed by the fourth and fifth generations to consecutively produce crops on this farm. We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables starting in the Spring and going all the way through fall. 

We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best produce directly from our fields for their tables. Freshness and quality of produce at a fair price, is the basis of everything we do. We are a sustainable farm, not only being the fourth and fifth generations to farm this ground, but in our production practices as well. We follow integrated pest management (IPM), scouting fields and determining what critters need to be controlled and how based on economic thresholds. Basically only treating for a pest when the pest is causing enough damage where it is justified to control them, whether it be through cultural, biological, or chemical controls.


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