Virginia Beach kombucha company introduces limited-edition holiday drink

It’s fizzy and refreshing, and you may want to pop the cork on a bottle or two this holiday season.

But it’s not champagne, with or without a capital “c.” It’s Cosmic Jubilee kombucha, a limited run holiday flavor from locally produced Maha Kombucha Co.

Maha Kombucha is owned by Nathan Elstein and wife Daniella Svoren, who have been bottling the naturally effervescent probiotic tea in Virginia Beach since summer 2018. There are six non-seasonal flavors.

“I was introduced to kombucha about 10 years ago. About that same time I grew very fascinated with the fermentation of food,” says Elstein. “Ever since I had made kombucha as a hobby.”

The couple has lived in California India and Vietnam, teaching yoga and when they moved to Virginia Beach, they were looking for “a project where health, happiness and peace of mind would be our guiding principles,” Elstein notes.

From a zero waste model space off Birdneck Road comes Raspberry Brillance, Omberry Kiwi, Petal Potion, Black Cherry Dream, Ginger Cinnamon Sunrise and Sassy Root Brew.

“Our products only have about 30 calories per serving, creating an approachable, fun and tasty alternative to processed, high sugar content beverages,” says Elstein.

All flavors starts out as black tea with a small amount of sugar, with a culture of healthy bacteria and yeast added to convert the majority of sugars into various organic acids. They produce probiotics, Elstein adds, as well as enzymes and B vitamins.

“Many people feels this helps with their digestion,” he says. “The organic acids give kombucha its characteristically tart flavor. Kombucha, like other fermented beverage, has a wide range of flavor profiles.”

Such as the Cosmic Jubilee, their first holiday-inspired kombucha.

“We didn’t just want to come out with a new flavor, but wanted to give our customers a chance to have something with new and exciting packaging too,” Elstein notes. “So we blended our classic kombucha with cranberry and blood orange, gave it a little bit of extra carbonation and bottled it in 750 mL champagne bottles with a beautifully redesigned label and gold foil around the neck.”

It’s an alternative to bringing a bottle of wine to a holiday party, or serving it at your own table, he says.

“Maha Kombucha is giving our community the chance to still enjoy a premium, locally crafted product that looks luxurious and is fun to drink,” adds Elstein.

Maha Kombucha is served in a number of local eateries, and you can pick up bottles at all area Taste stores (, which includes three Beach locations, at the Heritage Store ( on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach, and at the special holiday Old Beach Farmers Market ( held on Dec. 21 in the parking lot of Croc’s Restaurant on 19th Street in Virginia Beach.

For more information on Maha Kombucha (maha is a Sanskrit word meaning “the highest or greatest vision”), visit

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